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What Income Is Considered to Be Noncountable in the MassHealth Application Process?

by:   Brian E. Barreira, Esq.

Although most types of income are considered countable in the MassHealth application process, and are therefore required to be spent on the applicant’s care, there is a small category of income known as noncountable income that is not considered. Any income in this category of noncountable income must still be disclosed during the MassHealth application process, and failure to provide information can be grounds for a MassHealth denial.

Common examples of noncountable income are SSI benefit payments, Veteran’s Aid and Attendance benefits and Holocaust reparation payments. Often missed in the MassHealth application process is that accumulated savings of these types of noncountable income are considered noncountable assets that the MassHealth applicant is allowed to keep over and above the $2,000 that other MassHealth applicants are allowed to have.

Also included in the category of noncountable income are payments from reverse mortgages.